E-commerce Entrepreneurship:The essence of business

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after all is said and done,All“link”Operation of,It's still around five o'clock“The essence of business”:

1)information gap,I know,You don't know?;

therefore,Someone is digging into the so-called niche blue ocean、Products in segmented categories,stay“Information Asymmetry ”Make money in the middle。

2)Cognitive impairment,I understand,You don't understand;

therefore,Someone has gained experience in a certain industry、Business acumen、Social experience,adopt“Data analysis”Make money。

3)Poor execution,I'll do it first,You don't do it;

therefore,Someone passed through“Information Asymmetry ”Quick response,Be ahead of others、Picking up a leak and making money。

4)Poor technology,I continue to improve,You're standing still;

therefore,Someone saw“information gap”More and more transparent,Quickly improve“Differentiated competitiveness(Or Skills)”Make money。

5)Poor resources,My channel/capital/Networking/The circle is very rich,It's hard for you to fight alone;

therefore,Someone passed through“Integrate resources”Copy a storeNIndividual stores,Make money like a physical chain。


As you master more、The more sufficient the conditions and resources are available,that“make money”The easier it becomes、The simpler it is、The easier it is。

Whether working or not、Or entrepreneurship,No matter online、Still offline,Almost impossible without this one“The Law of Making Money”。

What's embarrassing is that,Most beginners are racking their brains、Digging for ideas in the so-called“information gap”,Not realizing it:“information gap”Lifetime in the Internet,It's very brief。

The so-called popular model、Or potential products,Not for two months,A large number of sellers with varying strengths will emerge。

therefore,Why are some beginners,A person who was finally cultivated“Potential products”,A few months earlier, I could still make some money,The next month is not as good as the next month……

That's the problem,At this time,Almost starting to spell“Poor technology”。

Regardless of product development、Image Design、Title optimization、Internal skills such as shelving and positioning,Or is it a supplementary order、Driving and other finger skills,See who has more“competitive power”。

Go all the way to the end,It will definitely rise to“Poor resources”。

When you get on this ship,It's destined to be“No Return”,Fight monsters and pass levels all the way,Until financial freedom、Retreat to the front line。

Just like me,from“One for distribution”reach“Small wholesale”,From“Order backlog”reach“Corporate operation”,I have risen to“Poor resources”Stage of,impossible、Nor will they charge the front line again。

To some extent,I'm just like you guys,What is missing is also“information gap”:How to find some new products、Or mode、Even business opportunities,Continue hatching、copy。

therefore,I just use fragmentation time,Writing something、Engage in live streaming、Take an apprentice with you、Make a circle,Make more friends。


that,You want to earn some pocket money from e-commerce、Or create a sideline income,Don't want to burn your brain too much、Too complex,Then use Dim sum to learn“information gap(Selection)”、promote“Cognitive impairment(Test payment)”,That's really enough。

Someone relied on“information gap”Do it first,Sell two or three orders a day to earn some pocket money~

If,You want to make more money、Secure multiple income streams,That's right“information gap”On the basis of,Further improvement“Cognitive impairment(Test payment)”、master“Poor execution(Basic optimization)”,That's enough。

Someone sells six or seven orders every day,Make some living expenses~

If,Do you want more stable income、And sustainable development,Step by step becoming a professional seller,That's based on the above,Study hard“Poor technology”。

Someone has reached this stage,Make tens of thousands of dollars every month~

Some people are also at this stage,From Operations Assistant to Operations Store Manager。

More people are in control“information gap”and“Poor technology”Simultaneously,have“Resource integration”Ability,Make a big profit during the peak season~

These cases,Perhaps it also exists among the friends around you。

although“online retailers”Low development threshold、The upper limit is very high,But I still need to remind everyone:

This is a business,Not only should we be rational、A pragmatic choice“runway”,Still need to learn、be familiar with、master“Professional Skills”,It's definitely not in a soy sauce state、Fragmentation learning,Remember, remember!

“Online store operation”Focus on,What is it all about selling、How to optimize and sell,These two links。

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