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How many foreign traders are beingWhatsAppThe ban and inability to send in groups“persuade sb. to resign from an official position”of?

“The ban is severe,Mass transmission carries risks,Best to maintain10How many numbers……”This is how many foreign trade people are concerned aboutWhatsAppReasons for Hate and Love。

Despite being constantly tortured by being banned,Still keep raising new accounts,becauseWhatsAppThe effect of winning customer orders is unique!


▲Ranked first in global mobile communication software for monthly activity

WhatsAppMonthly activity exceeding20Billion,It is the most commonly used marketing and customer acquisition tool for foreign traders,None of them。


▲Many countries around the world“National level applications”

Some foreign traders are already in the marketWhatsAppMarketing and customer acquisition,Receiving orders to hand software。But most foreign traders are banned、Cannot send in groups、Problems such as not finding customers,And abandon this high-quality customer acquisition channel。

actually,The root cause lies in using it incorrectlyWhatsAppVersion of,Foreign traders don't even knowWhatsApphave3Versions,What are the differences between each version,Which one is most suitable for foreign traders?

today,Let's discuss with everyone what everyone is most concerned aboutWhatsAppThe issue of reducing the number of banned groups,Detailed explanation3Versions ofWhatsAppDifferences in,Mastering the simplest、Most efficientWhatsAppMethod of obtaining customer orders,After reading this article, you can also take the order to Handsoft!


WhatsAppUnexpectedly, there is3Versions?

90%The foreign trader used it incorrectly!

first,Want unlimited group posting,Reduce the risk of being banned,We need to be clearWhatsAppof3What is the difference between different versions。

WhatsApp Messenger:Among the foreign trade populationWhatsApp,Mainly used to communicate with friends,90%Foreign trade personnel are using,The easiest to be banned。

WhatsApp Business:Equivalent to communicating with users through corporate identity,however1Enterprises can only1Accounts available for use,Unable to meet the needs of multiple users and mass marketing in enterprises。

WhatsApp Business API:Officially designated versions that can be used for mass marketing,abbreviationWABA,Can andCRMConnect with customer management,It can be understood as a customizable version used by officially designated enterprises。

Simply put,WhatsApp Business API(WABA)It is currently officially designated、Lowest risk of mass transmission、Unlimited mass transmission、The version that allows you to do mass marketing。

▲3Detailed differences between versions

You might say,So I'll use it directlyWhatsApp Business APINo, that's fine?

WhatsApp Business APIIt cannot be directly used,It's just an interface,Requires access to third-party platforms,And have the ability to develop,For example, accessCRMOnly then can it be used。

in addition,WhatsAppParent company ofMetaStrict audits will be conducted on these platforms,Only after passing can one become a third-party service provider,provideWhatsApp Business APIservice,Official certification group sending。

Time is precious for foreign traders,Spend a few months andMetaTalking about cooperation is unrealistic,So I want to be the most efficient、Simplest to useWABAWhat should I do?

Passing near3Months andMetaNegotiations for,And the running-in of the product,An XinchengCRMOfficially becameWhatsAppOfficial partner of,Heavyweight online「enterpriseWhatsApp」,Official certification,Reduce the risk of being banned,Unrestricted group sending,Support for template messages and automatic replies,Precision batch marketing!Help foreign traders solve problemsWhatsAppSeal number、Mass hair、Difficulties such as managing customers!

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