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    Girls' leather shoes2022New Korean Children's Single Shoes in Spring of

    original price ¥89.00

    Price ¥33.00-35.00

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    Businessman Blog

    • 1688Extension of adjustment between strength flagship stores and strength franchised stores

      02month05day · 2023year

      1688The platform recently released about1688Notice on Adjustment and Extension of Strength Flagship Store and Strength Franchise Store of Strength Businessmen(Hereinafter referred to as announcement)。Announcement,On the occasion of resumption of work in the new year,In order to match the pace and1688Platform warm spring recovery support plan,primary1688The upgrading and adjustment of the brand capacity requirements of the strength flagship stores and the strength franchised stores of the strength merchants have been postponed3month1Effective on。1688about1688Notice of adjustment of strength flagship stores and strength franchised stores,After the adjustment of strength flagship store,Type name:Brand flagship store。Brand authenticity requirements:Need to support
    • PingPongLaunch reservation exchange function

      02month05day · 2023year

      In order to help foreign trade enterprises cope with the rising trend of RMB,PingPongNow launched“Exchange reservation”function,It can help foreign trade enterprises manage exchange rate risk。“Exchange reservation”Means,Foreign trade enterprises according to future orders and receipts,AndPingPongAgree in advance the exchange rate after future collection。When enterprise orders are settled in the future,According to the agreed amount、Exchange rate settlement,Even if the market exchange rate fluctuates sharply during this period,It will not affect the final exchange result。“Exchange reservation”It is more applicable to the market situation where the exchange rate fluctuates sharply in a long order cycle。In the line where the exchange rate fluctuates violently
    • Amazon may face the United StatesFTCAntitrust litigation

      02month05day · 2023year

      Some media learned from the source,Federal Trade Commission(FTC)Is preparing to file a potential antitrust lawsuit against Amazon,In the next few months,May pose anti-competitive challenges to a series of business behaviors of this technology giant。Some of the sources said,The time point of litigation is still uncertain。The committee can also choose not to bring a lawsuit,Even if it is preparing to do so,It doesn't necessarily lead to litigation。The source said,FTCAmazon's practices have been reviewed in recent years,Including whether the company prefers its own products rather than competitors' products on its platform,And how the company treats Amazon
    • 2023The best time to hide from spring:What time to what time?How to hide from spring?Introduction to correct methods of hiding spring

      02month04day · 2023year

      Spring is coming,The beginning of spring is the first of the 24 solar terms。On this day,There are many popular sayings,Among them, people pay more attention to“Avoid spring”。2023The best time to hide from spring,What time to what time?How to hide from spring?The correct way to hide spring is as follows:one、2023From what time to what time in spring?2023From2month4Saturday morning9:42reach11:42End of minutes。This,Many people have questions,Why hide from spring at this time?The reason is simple,because2023The beginning of spring is2month4day10:42:21,I need to
    • “Avoid spring”How to hide?

      02month04day · 2023year

      There are two spring starts in the year of the rabbit,Many people may not know why!Because this year's leap February,So there will be two spring starts,Which is called“Double spring”year。One in this year2month4The 14th of the first month of the lunar calendar,The other is2024Of2month4The 25th of the twelfth lunar month,Just at the beginning and the end of this year。I used to hear old people say,Meet the beginning of spring“Avoid spring”,“Double spring leap February,Cold in spring and dry in autumn”。so-called“Avoid spring”It's a folk custom,It means literally,Avoiding spring。Some Chinese zodiac signs are on the day of the beginning of spring,Need to pay attention to some wind
    • 2023How to hide from Nian and Chun,How long to hide

      02month04day · 2023year

      2023The beginning of spring is2month4day10:42,Need to start from the morning9Hour42Starting to hide from spring,reach11Hour42End in minutes。It takes two hours to hide from spring。Because one hour before the beginning of spring, we should be ready to hide from spring,After the spring break,We need to hide for another hour,So we need to hide for two hours。Why should I hide from spring:2023In general, the objects who need to avoid spring at the beginning of spring are the animals who commit Taisui,and2023The Chinese zodiac that offends Tai Sui has a zodiac rabbit、chicken、horse、rat、The four dragons。The Chinese zodiac is not in good luck,Easy to get unlucky
    • This year of rabbit is the beginning of spring,how“Avoid spring”?Who wants“Avoid spring”?

      02month04day · 2023year

      2023This year of rabbit is the double spring year,Leap February,common384day。There are two spring starts in the year of the rabbit:The first spring day is2023year2month4day10spot42branch21second,the 14th day of the first lunar month;Another spring day is2024year2month4day16spot26branch53second,The 25th day of the twelfth lunar month。therefore,There is a saying that spring comes twice a year,This year, it is also called“Double spring year”。one、What is?“Avoid spring”?two、Why hide from spring?three、How to avoid spring?
    • The origin of hiding spring,2023Who needs to avoid spring

      02month04day · 2023year

      spring begins ,The origin of hiding spring:Every year, there will be a senior citizen。And the quality of our destiny in a year,Are in the hands of this Taisui God。And every year on the first day of spring,It happened to be the day when Taisui God handed over。Because in ancient times,The day of spring,Is the junction of the New Year and the Old Year。According to the statement handed down by the older generation,Some people will be affected,Resulting in unfavourable flow of time。Say so much,Actually, you guessed,In terms of traditional folk customs,Hiding Spring is actually hiding Taisui。And Taisui refers to Jupiter in the sky,Because Jupiter moves every 12 months,So the ancients called Jupiter“Jupiter”or“Taisui”。actually
    • 2023year,Cross-border e-commerce is still a gold mine

      02month03day · 2023year

      one:2022,E-commerce's going to sea is always in the quiet moment of the domestic Internet,China's cross-border e-commerce ushered in explosive growth。2022year,China's cross-border e-commerce has maintained rapid growth,Year on year growth of cross-border e-commerce import and export volume in the first half of the year28.6%,This also means that Chinese e-commerce has the best opportunity to go to sea。2022year9month,Pinduoduo suddenly announced that it would enter the US market,Then it went onlineTemu,Direct to the North American market。Less than half a year has passed since the launch,TemuWith the same“low price”playing method,It has cut a new trail in the North American market,Even surpass at one stroke
    • How do individuals do cross-border e-commerce If you want to engage in cross-border e-commerce yourself, please see

      02month02day · 2023year

      1、Learn more。There are still many holes in the cross-border e-commerce industry,Because there are many ways,If there is no one to pick it up for you,You may take many detours,Waste a lot of time,I suggest you find one,People who do cross-border e-commerce will give you a guide,Or you can find some cross-border e-commerce courses and listen more,Learn more,Try to avoid falling into the pit,Avoid some detours。2、Find organization。No2One suggestion is that you should do cross-border e-commerce,You need to find an organization,That is, you should join a circle,In this circle,Go to know more friends who do cross-border e-commerce,To recognize
    • Cross-border e-commerce ushers in new policy support The return of export commodities can be realized“Zero tax burden”

      02month02day · 2023year

      treasury department、customs head office、The State Administration of Taxation recently jointly announced that,From the date of issuance of the announcement1Customs supervision code of cross-border e-commerce within the year(1210、9610、9710、9810)Declared export under,Because of unsalable、Return reason,From the date of export6Goods returned to China in their original state within months(No food),Can realize the return and entry“Zero tax burden”。in recent years,With the gradual improvement of cross-border e-commerce trade mechanism、Continuous dredging of international logistics network,China's cross-border e-commerce channels are expanding rapidly,More and more market entities are realized through this channel“Buy Global、Sell globally”。Insiders
    • Guide to the selection of schoolbags for primary school students

      01month31day · 2023year

      Guide to the selection of schoolbags for primary school students:The first point:How to carry the schoolbag;Second point:Position of books;Third point:Total weight of schoolbag;Fourth point:Does the bag have a breast button that needs to be buckled
    • What is the reason why Amazon's advertising is not exposed?What's going on?

      01month14day · 2023year

      There are a lot of businesses opening stores in Amazon,For Amazon merchants,Businessmen need to do everything to improve their exposure,So what is the reason why Amazon's advertising is not exposed?The following content will introduce you。What is the reason why Amazon's advertising is not exposed?After we put on a new product,In order to issue the order as soon as possible,Product 1 to AmazonFBAThe warehouse starts to start advertising in the station。In the early stage, the keyword automatic advertising is usually activated first,Let Amazon automatically match your advertising space。After the advertisement is opened,Many sellers will wait for the order。But sometimes after a week or two
    • How to send express by cross-border e-commerce is the most cost-effective

      01month14day · 2023year

      1、Self-delivery mode of cross-border e-commerce;2、Just started to do cross-border e-commerce,What express is better;3、What is the international logistics cost effective for cross-border e-commerce sellers;4、What logistics and transportation modes can cross-border e-commerce choose?Cross-border e-commerce self-delivery method Cross-border e-commerce self-delivery method is as follows:1、Traditional express,Also known as postal express,This is the most mainstream mode of domestic cross-border e-commerce,Because of its wide coverage,There are many express delivery points,Therefore, it is a relatively convenient logistics mode。2、Centralized distribution,That is, air transportation,Centralized transportation of goods from buyers in one place to a certain place,Then sent by the local company
    • How to deal with new Amazon products?

      01month09day · 2023year

      Amazon's new products are generally available3-5There will be sales in the next few days,The new product period is generally about two months,Links with poor performance may end the new product period in a month。What about Amazon's new products?1.Do a good job in market research,Choose the right product first,The new stores are far behind the products of some old stores in ranking and review。If you choose the relevant products that are popular in the sales market,We can't compete for some hot sales with our overall strength。How to choose the right product?You need to do enough market research,See if your product is warmly welcomed by the market,How large is the market demand,There are in your category
    • What if there is no sales of Amazon's new products?listingNew product flow exposure skills

      01month08day · 2023year

      It was once said that:“The fragrance of wine is not afraid of the deep alley”,Is it still applicable to such a good wine without a good shout?very difficult,Frankly,If you do a physical store,Then there may be a glimmer of hope,But if you do e-commerce,You choose to open a store on Amazon,It's hard for consumers to find and buy if they don't shout,to this end,Now sellers,Exposed after Amazon products went on sale(Bawl)Very important。There are many new sellers on Amazon,Hopes you can register stores on Amazon,In a hurry, they started to put their products on the shelves,And then began to wait for the arrival of the order,however,After a day,After one

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