The latest global top ten cross-border e-commerceB2BForeign trade business order receiving platform

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1.Alibaba International Station-

Alibaba International Station

Alibaba International is currently the largest cross-border e-commerce platform in the worldB2BPlatform website,Incorporated in1999y,It is also the first business segment of Alibaba Group,Business coverage200Multiple countries,exceed2600Wandi Overseas Active Purchasers,WithRFQBusiness opportunity matching,Guaranteed transactions,A wide range of comprehensive services such as foreign trade collection,It is a very well-knownB2BExport Platform。Merchant composition from around the world,Forming global buying,Global sales layout。



FOBGOODSIt is a relatively new foreign trade information display platform,Due to the low entry threshold of free entry products,Has been favored by many merchants,Fapin can be accessed globally,Recognized by multiple media outlets as a globally growing powerhouseB2BBusiness information display platform,Mainly in Europe、beautiful、d、Mainly engaged in large-scale trade in the South Korean region,Many companies not only see it as a foreign trade platform,Also seen as a free independent station,Able to act independentlyGoogle,Tiktokdrainage,And logistics providers、Service providers can also publish content,Should be the preferred choice for beginners in foreign trade in recent yearsB2BOne of the platforms。

3.China Manufacturing Network-

China Manufacturing Network

China Manufacturing Network was established in1998y,Headquartered in Nanjing,It is a relatively old brand of cross-border foreign tradeB2BOne of the platforms,China Manufacturing Network Internal Trade Station provides information management for both buyers and sellers、Exhibition、search、contrast、Full process services such as inquiry,Simultaneously providing platform certification、Advanced services such as advertising and promotion。Help suppliers showcase their corporate image and product information on the internet,Help buyers achieve precision、Quickly find honest suppliers。Made in China Network brings together many products,Global procurement oriented,Provide information exchange and trade transaction platforms,Create business opportunities for users and merchants,The main characteristic industry is machinery。

4.Global Sources -

Global Sources

Global Resources is a Hong Kong based company,Mainly facing professional exhibition organizers worldwide,The Global Resources website is a deeply industrialized professionB2BForeign trade platform,Global resources were in the early stages of traditional trade,A highly well-known website,Through exhibitions,Multi channel links between buyers and suppliers through trading platforms and magazines,There are more than1000Million Buyers and Users。

5.Dunhuang Website-

Founded in2004y,It is an early batch of cross-border e-commerce in ChinaB2Bplatform,Provide online transaction service platform,Dunhuang Network provides store operations for small and medium-sized enterprises in the cross-border e-commerce industry chain,Traffic marketing,Warehouse logistics,Payment Finance,Multifunctional services such as business training,Help merchants connect with global procurement,Frequently offering low-priced products,A representative example is that electronic products were very popular in the past few years。


TradekeyIt is also well-known globallyB2Bwebsite,Consistently committed to collecting and analyzing global buyer data,Export oriented,TradeKeyHeadquartered in Saudi Arabia ,The operation center is located in Pakistan,There are usually some people from PalestinetradekeyEmployees engage in marketing through various means,imageGooglemarketing,Becoming a brand member or something like that。

7.Tradewheel - Global B2B Marketplace | Top B2B Trading Platform | TradeWheel

TradewheelIt's an American website now,Founded in2003y,Prefer one-stop service,B2BBusiness Services,Mainly platform based carrier,Business counseling and official website drainage services,howeverTradewheelIn Shanghai, China2018Establishment of an office in。

8.Indiamart -

IndiamartIt's the largest in IndiaB2Bplatform,The website provides many commercial and industrial products,Most manufacturers come from India,Merchants can register and create a small website to showcase their products。

9.Ecplaza -

EcplazaHeadquartered in South Korea,Provide website based solution services for exporters,There are Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese4Multiple language versions,There are seven global sites:U.S.A,Korea,Global,Japan,China,Malaysia and UAE sites。


ThomasnetIt is globally leadingB2Bplatform,Monthly exceeding18010000 Visits,The sales strategy is to find suppliers for buyers worldwide to complete transactions,supplier,The products are mainly concentrated in the United States。

2023With the strong support and support of the country,I believe that Chinese brands going overseas and manufactured in China will be stronger,The past of the epidemic will further promote the rapid rise of cross-border e-commerce in foreign trade,Suggest merchants to use cross-border e-commerce platforms,Can be done together with traffic channels,Google,Facebook,TiktokWait for more layout to expand the market!

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