Customer development strategy for online exhibitions

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In the field of exhibition customer development,Although the traditional on-site squatting method is direct,But for those with limited resourcesSOHOFor foreign trade practitioners,High cost and not necessarily optimal efficiency。therefore,Exploring online channels has become a more economical and efficient strategy。following,I will introduce three methods for you that do not require a physical visit to the exhibition venue,An online method that can effectively expand customers,These methods have undergone moderate pseudo original processing while retaining the original intention。

The first strategy:Utilize large-scale exhibition resources such as the Canton Fair

Although directly screening the business cards of buyers for large-scale exhibitions such as the Canton Fair may be time-consuming and laborious,Especially when your product belongs to a niche field,But this method still has some appeal。The key lies in how to optimize the screening process。Suggest utilizing advanced technologyCRMSystem or data analysis tools,Combining automated scripts,More refined classification and screening of purchasers under major categories。meanwhile,Don't ignore the power of social media,adoptLinkedInWaiting for the platform,Attempt to find decision-makers or key contacts associated with the purchaser,To improve the accuracy and success rate of communication。

The second strategy:Digging deep into the exhibitor list on foreign exhibition websites

This is a treasure trove of potential resources。By visiting the official websites of various foreign exhibitions,Especially those exhibitions closely related to your product industry,You can easily access the exhibitor list。utilizeChatGPTetc.AIassistant,Quickly locate well-known exhibitions within the industry,And directly visit its official website to search“exhibitor list”Or similar keywords。It should be noted that,Not all exhibitions will disclose exhibitor information,And some information may not be detailed enough。therefore,During the screening process,Be patient and meticulous,Simultaneously utilizing multiple channels to verify the authenticity of information。

The third strategy:With the help of10times.comWaiting for global business activity platforms

10times.comAs a global business event and conference platform,Provided abundant resources and convenient tools for foreign trade practitioners。Through this platform,You can easily search for exhibitions around the world、Conference and other event information,And view detailed information of exhibitors and followers。The advantage of this method lies in its comprehensive information and powerful filtering capabilities,Enable you to quickly locate potential customer groups。During the contact process,In addition to using traditional email methods,You can also try using the network communication function provided by the platform,Establish preliminary connections with other attendees and exhibitors。in addition,combinationGoogleWaiting for search engines and social media platforms,Further explore the contact information and background information of potential customers,Will help improve the targeting and success rate of communication。

in summary,By making reasonable use of online resources and methods,SOHOForeign trade practitioners do not need to visit the exhibition site in person,It can also effectively expand the customer network。The key is to choose the appropriate strategy、Optimize the screening process、And utilize multiple channels and tools to improve the accuracy and success rate of communication。

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