What foreign trade markets do you make more money in?

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I want to do foreign trade,First, you need to see which market your product is suitable for?

Southeast Asia,Like Vietnam、Thailand、Malaysia and Indonesia,These countries are experiencing rapid economic growth,Strong demand for ordinary industrial products and low-end consumer goods。

Middle East and North Africa,Like the United Arab Emirates、Saudi Arabia、Egypt and Türkiye。Here is a discussion on building materials、There is a significant demand for mechanical equipment and low-end consumer goods。

Don't think the UAE、Saudi Arabia is full of tycoons,In these regions,Rich people are just a minority,The prices of goods exported to these regions are very low。

Africa,Like South Africa、Nigeria and Kenya,There is a high demand for infrastructure construction related products and low-end daily consumer goods。

Latin America,Like Brazil、Mexico and Chile,The economies of these countries are gradually recovering,For electronic products、There is a demand for mechanical equipment and household appliances。

About Europe,


Identified the market,Next, we need to take a look at the export volume of our products in that country,You can also see where potential customers are during the query process。

Here are some websites for querying import and export data of products from different regions。

Southeast Asian countries:

1、United Nations Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade)

website:https://comtrade.un.org/ (This website is suitable for all regions around the world)

UN Comtrade It is a global trade database,Provide detailed import and export data of goods。After registering and logging in, you can follow the country、Query import data of Southeast Asian countries based on product classification and other criteria。

2、international trade centre (International Trade Centre, ITC) (This website is also applicable to various regions around the world)


ITC Trade Map Provide trade flow data,Including import and export statistics、Market information、Trade balance, etc,Can query import data from Southeast Asian countries,And conduct a detailed analysis。

3、World Bank (World Bank)

website:https://wits.worldbank.org/ (This website is also applicable to various regions around the world)

This website provides a global trade database,Can query and analyze trade data of Southeast Asian countries,Including imports、Export and tariff information。

Relatively speaking,I am interested in Europe,Especially familiar with the Western European market。The following are some product categories and specific products with high consumption in the Western European market。

4、World Trade Organization (WTO)(This website is also applicable to various regions around the world)


WTO Provide global trade statistics data。

Industrial automation equipment:Like robots、numerical control machine。

Last year, we received an equipment order from a factory,600More than ten thousand US dollars,Among them180Equipment worth over ten thousand dollars imported from Japan,The rest will be imported from China。

Energy products:Solar panels、Battery and energy storage system。

Environmentally friendly building materials:Efficient insulation materials、Environmentally friendly coatings。 It's the kind of building materials that can be moved in on the same day after the decoration is completed。

Intelligent Building Systems,Smart Thermostats 、Intelligent lighting system。

Like an intelligent constant temperature system,I started from2012Started doing it in the year,Until now, the order volume has been good,From the initial annual sales of $50-60000 to over $2 million now。

Smartphones and tablets:There is a strong demand in the market for high-end and mid-range intelligent devices。

Household Electric Appliances,Mainly high-end home appliances,Like smart refrigerators、dishwasher、Intelligent washing machines, etc。

Energy saving appliances:Such as energy-saving air conditioning、LEDlamps and lanterns,Anyway, energy conservation and environmental protection are linked together,It is very politically correct in Europe。If your product has energy-saving selling points,Can we vigorously promote it。

Food and Beverages:Mainly organic and healthy foods,Like organic vegetables、Gluten free food、Plant based foods。

The above information is based on my past experiences18Discovered in the first tier of the market and doing business in different European countries,Some of them were discussed with local customers,Not necessarily100%accuracy,If you have any doubts about which information,You can verify it through the following website,Check if the information I provide is accurate。

5、asean (ASEAN)


ASEAN Provide economic and trade statistics for Southeast Asian countries,Including import and export data of goods。

6、National government statistical offices and customs websites

National Statistical Office Thailand (NSO Thailand):https://www.nso.go.th/nsoweb/index?set_lang=en

department of statistics (DOSM):https://www.dosm.gov.my/

Indonesia Central Bureau of Statistics(BPS Indonesia):https://www.bps.go.id/

These websites usually provide detailed national level import and export data。

African market:

1、African Development Bank (African Development Bank)


The African Development Bank provides economic and trade statistics data,Including import and export data from African countries。

2、National government statistical offices and customs websites

Like the South African Bureau of Statistics(Statistics South Africa):http://www.statssa.gov.za/

Nigeria National Bureau of Statistics(Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics):https://nigerianstat.gov.ng/

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics(Kenya National Bureau of Statistics):https://www.knbs.or.ke/

Latin America

1、Inter American Development Bank (Inter-American Development Bank, IDB)


This website provides economic and trade data about Latin America and the Caribbean region。

2、Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)


ECLAC Provide economic statistics data for Latin America and the Caribbean region,Including import and export data。

3、National government statistical offices and customs websites

Like the Brazilian Bureau of Geostatistics(IBGE):https://www.ibge.gov.br/

National Bureau of Statistics and Geographic Information of Mexico(INEGI):https://www.inegi.org.mx/

Central Bank of Chile(Banco Central de Chile):https://www.bcentral.cl/


1、Eurostat (Eurostat)


Eurostat Provide detailed trade data for EU member states,Including import and export statistics、Market information and trade balance, etc。

2、National government statistical offices and customs websites

German Federal Bureau of Statistics(Destatis):https://www.destatis.de/

The UK Office for National Statistics(ONS):https://www.ons.gov.uk/

French National Institute of Statistics and Economics(INSEE):https://www.insee.fr/

3、European Free Trade Association (EFTA)


EFTA Provide its member countries(Switzerland、Norway、Iceland and Liechtenstein)Trade data for。

Through these websites,You can obtain the latest import and export data,Analyze market demand and competition situation,So as to better plan international trade business,It's better than not knowing anything,Just listening to others makes my brain heat up and I dive in to try and make mistakes。

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