FacebookI was cursed so badly,Those who engage in foreign trade should give up on it?

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Speaking of whichFacebook,Have you noticed anything,Its call gradually declined?


Even the lecturer who wants the perfect meal,There aren't many people going to talk about it nowfbYes,More specifically, LinkedIn andwhatsapp,Are you saying thatfbHas gradually been abandoned by the foreign trade circle...howeverfbhave30Billion monthly active users,Truly give up,Isn't it too wasteful?


The viewpoint given by the assistant is:Most people, don't give up,Still need to be done,Why not indulge in spending tens of thousands of dollars on free prostitution?And a few foreign trade students,You can give up on it,It's completely unnecessary。(Which students should give up will be discussed below)


Today'sfb,How exactly?Today, I will share some reliable news with you all。

01\Crazy being scolded,Today'sfbIt's turned into garbage?


Today'sFacebook,Seems unfriendly to beginners。


Youzhihu netizens are getting startedFacebookBack roast to,The first contact is to pull in APP The extremely poor experience of blacklisting!!


exm,This is just a defense!fbWhat kind of garbage is it?


Such as what cannot change the username;Too many recommended posts,Squeezed out all my friend posts;Inexplicably banned email,We haven't given the appeal notice yet;The columns on the personal homepage are chaotic……


Even the comment section,It also aligns with the Tao:Indeed, it is...garbage,Not only is the interface difficult to use、Logical confusion,There are also scammers present。



From the perspective of operation mode alone,It's really not ideal,But after all, it's from abroad,Perhaps it is very in line with the usage habits of foreigners?


Currently, it is difficult to come up with a social app or social network that can compete with Facebook in the world,Just as it is difficult for our country to come up with another chat tool and“WeChat“The same principle of counterbalance,At least not in recent years。


So for beginners,No matter how difficult it is to use,Roast is roast,We can only endure it,For the sake of traffic on the platform。

02\fbHow to obtain the traffic above?Do you need to spend money?


fbMore focused on following recommended routes,For example, recommended versions、discover peopleplate,The website will be based on your hobbies、interest、Recommend some friends to you based on interactions and other situations,That is to say, peers or potential customers。The traffic acquisition in this section,It is recommended by the system,It takes time to accumulate。


Then it's about posting、Add groups,Maintain interaction,Including chatting、like、comment、Private communication, etc,This part tests my graphic and textual skills。


After being tested by the assistant,High quality current affairs news sharing,Industry dynamics,Or it could be checking in on one's daily life updates,The effect is average,What online claims make you want to keep your account active、Promoting customer relationships,Can you share some interesting stories,You don't have to follow me,You're not a big shot or a loyal customer~


On the contrary, it directly posts updates on its own products(Pay attention to advertisements that are not very hard),There has been a slight increase in traffic,I also like it+consulting service。


But this traffic,It's really hard to say in one word,It's not that it's not bad,But it's not stable at all,I thought I had mastered the essence of publishing graphics and text,But every time I browse, the exposure is quite random。


Reluctantly admit,Lack of cash counting ability,Not very good。


My previous friends in the foreign trade group,We have also discussed it beforefbAdvertising for,Similar to Google,Keyword embedding is required to be effective。

03\thatfbDo you still recommend doing it?Under what circumstances is it suitable?


Lack of customers,Suitable for all。


After trying for a month or two, I cursed the heavens and the earth,Talking about garbagepUse what you don't have,Not very suitable。


Not spending a penny,Want to get tens of thousands of traffic,Dozens of customers,Not suitable either。


The product is a clothing accessory、electronic product、Furniture and household appliances、Hygiene products,More suitable for,Because in thefbAbove this4Large categories are easier to promote。


But if it's a nutrient、adult erotica products、Infringement products、Monitoring equipment、health products、poison、tobacco、Medical supplies, etc,The degree of supervision is relatively high,I won't promote you even if I pay for it,So students who make such products,You can stop and give up now,It's really not necessary。

04\currentfbHow to register


fbThe registration method is the same as before,No changes have occurred。Existing accounts can skip this section。


be the first choice,New account registration requires preparation3Something:cell-phone number/mailbox、full name、Date Of Birth 、A real person photo(Usually it's a photo of oneself),Suggest using real information。

After submitting the materials,FacebookWill send an email to the email address filled in,After filling in the received verification code, click【continue】。

At this step, the registration has been successful,After everyone starts setting up their account,You can follow according to the topics you are interested in,You can also share fresh news。

05\Severe account suspension issue,How to avoid it


All social media software,There are issues with account suspension,But the avoidance method is actually very simple,That is to abide by the rules。The usage protocol is clearly stated,Take a closer look。


of course,There are indeed inexplicable account bans,I don't know if it was a mistake or what happened,Kill the account。

06\usefbCommon misconceptions


1. Effort does not necessarily yield rewards


not onlyfb,LinkedIn is also,Your dedication may not be worth mentioning to the platform。


fbIn most cases, it is not a sales platform,It's a subtle influence,A window to establish trust with customers。If the boss urges you tofbQuick results on top、issue,You keep posting and content”Hard Guang”,Congratulations on that,The number is dead。


2. Spending money,It doesn't mean you're God either


Nowadays, outsourcing operations are very common,The advertising model is also very mature,But don't think about spending thousands of dollars,You can become a master and enjoy the benefits。


You need to know that the second party operates on behalf of the other party,90%I don't understand your market in this situation、product、Target customers……Money can bring quick results?Of course I can,But it's not a long-term solution。


Upon hearing this,Do you think it's so difficult?Then let's change the advertising model,I learned it myself!


3. Want to use quantitative change to induce qualitative change


1individualfbNumber traffic is not good,So, then10Number,100Number?


feasible,One person operates dozens or hundreds of accounts,Belongs to the category of multi account management,But there should be priorities、Focused development。


But with a reminder,Batch accounts are often more suitable for the gray and black industry,It is not necessary for normal products to develop in this direction,in especialB2BIt's even more unnecessary。

4. Want to establish emotional connections with foreign clients


Some people feel that foreign people's lives and work are very separate,fbCan you post some life related content,Don't keep talking about business on it。


In fact that was not the case.。The assistant above has also tested it,Daily life dynamics are not very useful,And from a developmental perspective,I usually send more product information,Occupy customer's mind,Once a certain product is needed,Naturally think of us。Think about why you were able to catch it“No gifts are accepted during this year's holiday season”Next sentence?It's not just the media's overwhelming promotion?


Want to enter a market,A user-friendly and secure payment account is essential。40Recommended by Wan small and medium-sized enterprisesXTransferLocal account,Has several major advantages:


multicurrency :Acceptable Global Currency,Naira,Indonesia,Small currencies such as Vietnamese dong are supported;


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No limit:Support enterprise buyers、Individual buyer payment,No limit on foreign exchange settlement!


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