foreign tradeSOHORelying solely on independent websites to win orders from others for half a year in just one month!

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The secret to building a website quickly

Make customer acquisition easier and more efficient


In recent years,Heard feedback from many foreign trade bosses,B2BPlatform traffic is becoming increasingly expensive,Getting customers is becoming increasingly difficult as we continue to do so。


Watching others pass through independent stations1I received more than myself in months1More orders per year,Inquiries about setting up independent stations to attract customers。

There are two traditional ways to build a website:

Method 1:Find a service provider to operate an independent website on your behalf,High cost,Difficulty in communication

Method 2:Build it yourself,Need to write code、Image Design、Domain Name Purchase……

Either way,For small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises and most foreign trade enterprisesSOHOSpeaking of,They are all extremely high cost inputs。Is there anything simpler,No technical threshold,No need to purchase domain name and server,An independent station that even ordinary people can get started with?



Independent station, do this well2Something

Encourage customers to proactively come to their doorstep


The ultimate goal of building an independent station isTake inquiries。


But it needs to be clear that:The independent station itself does not have traffic,It is difficult to directly bring inquiries。If you want customers to proactively come to your doorstep,Foreign traders must do this well2Something。


Through social media andSEOSeize traffic


1.Social media platform drainage(SNS)


The rise of social media platforms today,Foreign traders can obtain a large amount of free traffic from social media platforms。Suggest applying for an account on each platform,Content can be reused on various platforms,Directly attract traffic to your independent website。


besides,It can also be located at the top of the independent station、Set social media homepage redirection at the bottom,Realize linkage between social media platforms and independent websites。

2.Natural ranking optimization(SEO)


SEOLong term planning is required,For example, within the stationSEOMainly includes keyword planning,Outside the stationSEOMainly external links。We suggest that if you want to doSEO,It is necessary to consider which core keywords are important in the early stages of website construction,What are long tail words, etc,SEOIt will affect the layout of the entire website。


After the website is built,If you want to quickly set upSEO,Need to describe the content of your website,title、Description and keywords。


Analyze independent websites of competitors

Essential4A practical tool


Solved the problems of website construction and traffic,How to retain customers、Make customers willing to inquire?

There is another key operation——Analyze competitors


share4A super practical independent site analysis tool


1. SimilarwebWatch traffic countries/Channel distribution


SimilarwebReveal the five core dimensions of a website to us:Visits and user activity of independent websites、Search keyword optimization and paid click through advertising data、Wide range of user interests、Access to websites,And a list of similar and outstanding websites。

2. AhrefsObserving websitesSEOsituation


AhrefsIt can allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the natural search traffic and external links of any website or website。

3. SpyFuWatching advertisements


SpyFuIntended to help users track competitors on GoogleAdWords、Keywords used in paid advertising and organic Google search。

4. PageSpeedTesting website speed and optimization points


PageSpeed Insights (PSI) Performance of report pages on mobile and desktop devices,And provide suggestions on how to improve the page

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