Maintain the content of the recruitment website for remote areas or special groups on website

Top Three Content Maintenance Sites for Good Shoes

Three members of the recruitment website for special groups who are unable to work in remote areas or have difficulty with their legs and feet,No need to be on duty,work from home。

Job Description:

  1. Responsible for adding and refreshing content on brand and mall official websites、Modify maintenance work。

  2. Responsible for reviewing and processing comments and submitted content from website or mall users。

  3. on time,Complete the addition of website content with quality and quantity assurance、modify。

  4. be quick-witted,Strong sense of responsibility,Meticulous and thoughtful。


  • Strong language organization and expression skills。

  • Mild personality,Able to handle customer complaints in a timely and effective manner。

  • Computer proficiency,Simple images、Image processing capability。

  • Proficient in using electronic office applications、Online Documents。

  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit,Diligent and studious,Have teamwork spirit。


Working hours of three to six hours per day,Four days off per month,No need to be on duty,Just stay at home。Reference hourly rate20element。

Interested parties,Email or

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